About Us

Five Generations

The farm land was purchased by Dennis Thomas Gibbs in the 1940's. The land was transferred to his daughter, Nora Kathryn Keeton. Kathryn is still living today and is 98 years young. Kathryn had three sons. Dennis Keeton's love for the land and farming has allowed him to keep the tradition going. Dennis's son Gibbs and Dennis established Keeton Cattle Co. LLC and and have recently branched out in the meat market business allowing daughter, Kristie to introduce 5ith generation son Kale Kristufek. 

USDA Inspected

All meat is USDA inspected and is raised on the farm. The cattle are 180 day hormone free and are fed grass, hay and silage that is produced on the farm. Wonderful taste!

Keeton Beef

Cattle are pastured raised. Meat is dry aged for a minimum of 14-21 days and vacuumed packed and frozen for optimum freshness. Cattle are handled with low-stress management practices.