Welcome to Keeton Beef

Welcome to Keeton Beef

Welcome to Keeton BeefWelcome to Keeton BeefWelcome to Keeton Beef

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About Us


5th Generation Operation

The farm was first established by Dennis Thomas Gibbs, whom passed it to his daughter Kathryn Gibbs Keeton, whom passed away liking two months until her 99th birthday. She is grealy missed.  


Ranch-Fed Beef

  • Cattle are Antibiotic/Hormone Free 
  • Cattle are handled with Low-Stress Management Practices 
  • Cattle are Pasture Raised then finished on grass and silage harvested from crops raised on the farm.
  • Carcasses are Dry-Aged for a Minimum of 14- 21 Days 
  • Meat is Vacuum Packed and Frozen for Optimum Freshness 
  • All Meat is USDA inspected    



  • Steaks
    • Bacon Wrapped Filet
    • NY Strip
    • Rib-Eyes
    • T-Bone & Porter House
    • Sirloin
    • Round
    • Flank
    • Skirt
    • Tri-Tip
  • Roasts
    • Chuck
    • Arm
    • Rump
    • Brisket
  • Hamburger
    • Hamburger Patties
    • Ground Meat
  • Other Products
    • Stew Meat
    • Beef Tongue
    • Bones
    • Ox-Tail
    • Liver


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Keeton Beef

3602 FM 2554, Ivanhoe, Texas, United States

(903) 664-2204 or (903)664-3833


Office 9:00-5:00. After hours call second number.

 You can pick up at the farm or come to McKinney Farmers Market in McKinney Texas

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